Hi! Meet
Harun Rashid…

One of the most dynamic Muslim entrepreneurs of our time, Harun Rashid is a man driven to help others succeed. He is one of the founder at Muslim Entrepreneurs Network, the words largest Muslim business building platform; an established partner at Seed Investments, an Islamic investment company based in London set up to encourage Muslim entrepreneurship and to help halal business ventures with seed funds; he is the Founder and Director of Islamic Design House; and, he is a registered and approved Business Growth Coach. Seeing risks as opportunities and problems as conduits for solutions, Harun is an energiser at his core. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Islamic Design House, Harun’s own venture.

Since its inception in 2005, Islamic Design House has grown, transforming into an international, multi-million dollar Islamic fashion business with distribution in 60 countries worldwide and more than 1.5 million social media fans. Much of this unprecedented success is credited to Harun’s vision for the Islamic economy.

As an enthusiastic backer of young businesses, Harun has taken numerous start-ups to great heights and success in very little time. He is a passionate coach and mentor and regularly guides and advises clients on business strategy and development goals.