3 Ways To Reconcile Between Deen & Dunya

The Dilema Of The Modern Muslim Entrepreneur

Life is a balance between the now and the hereafter.  We must constantly and actively balance the responsibilities and devotion to our faith with our earthly needs and responsibilities.

We can see this balancing act in our fellow brothers and sisters.  In Saudi Arabia this year, nearly 3 million pilgrims were performing Hajj.  During the hajj, a crane fell killing more than 100 people and injuring dozens.  

From this tragedy, one voice stood out for me. One of the injured, a man from Sudan, was offered 500,000 riyals (£87k) in compensation for the injury by the Saudi government.  He rejected this offer, saying he came to Saudi Arabia with the intention of doing Hajj and made Hijrah for Allaah and His Messenger.  He wanted his reward from Allah, and no other.  

If you were in this man’s place, what would you have done?

Would you struggle internally about which path to choose?  Would you take the money?  Or would you feel that your spiritual growth would be heightened by refusing the money?

This is something we all struggle with: Balancing Deen & Dunya within our lives.

Dunya, or life, is considered the platform by which we can practise our Deen, or religion, that is the structure and law by which one lives and will be exalted within the hereafter.  How we balance both Deen and Dunya defines not only our lives, but our faith.  

Which do you go for – Deen or Dunya?  Do you go for one and not the other?  If you went for deen does that make you a better person?  Or if you went for Dunya does that make you a bad person?  Can you attain both?

I have been conflicted by these questions for many years. For a long time, I did not know how to keep perspective and balance these two things.  I always thought of them as two different boats, going in different directions, and that I, with a foot in each boat, would fall out of both, or have to pick one to take this journey of life with.  

But I was wrong, there is a way to reconcile the Deen & Dunya.

I came to this reconciliation by understanding three facts:

1 – I needed to remove myself from a poverty mindset

2 – I could generate wealth by helping people create more value for themselves

3 – I needed to ensure that my business or source of income is Hallal and guided by my faith.