Are donations doing enough for you? 
  •  Become Debt-free
  •  Improve or extend on building works
  •  Embark on multiple and large scale community projects
  •  Be financially stable
  •  Plan for the future
Here are just some of the organisations we are helping in 2018 inshallah 
  •  What is holding you back from becoming a forward-thinking and progressive mosque or an Islamic Institute?
  •  Is your establishment in need of a more stable and steady financial support?
  •  Do you want to be debt free and financially secure ?
Our residual and regular income model is designed by leading Muslim professionals who have agreed to offer it first to only Mosques & Islamic Institutes in the UK.
As a person entrusted with responsibility to secure and promote the interests of your community you have a duty to investigate all available options and cannot afford to miss this opportunity to improve and secure your organisations financial future. 
By being part of this extraordinary programme you will benefit from a working model that other progressive & forward thinking Mosques have already adopted.
This is a one-off programme set to revolutionise the way mosques and Islamic institutes in UK are funded today, tomorrow and for the future.
Remember, by being part of this incredible programme, you will benefit from:
  •  100% halal residual income for your establishment
  •  more stable and reliable income with uncapped capability
  •  a chance to complete unfinished building works, undertake multiple community projects and become debt free
  •  the power to do more than just meet your costs