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Your next Big Idea may not be so big after all. You notice I didn’t say throw away your BIG IDEA. I said recycle it. Here’s why.

No matter how much money, time, and effort you stick behind an Idea that you’ve come up with, there are times in the life of an entrepreneur that idea just won’t stick.

Either it doesn’t work for that audience, it isn’t the right product, or it just costs to much to produce at the moment.

There are thousands of reasons your BIG IDEA just isn’t sticky enough to make you successful.

And that is really ok, because you can take concepts from that idea and pass it along to your next idea, and the one after that.

Exploring your ideas will give you the opportunity to learn so much about the process, about business, and about yourself.

It is never a waste. However, if you hold on to that idea too long, you can drown from its burdens.

You see my first 3 business ideas failed. But I never stopped trying. I went on to doing my 4th which did become a success.

Having failed on the first 3, I was so much more experienced and mature in doing business when I got started on my 4th.

So it’s ok if your first idea just doesn’t work.

You will not walk away a loser as long as you keep your focus on learning.

You will learn about yourself and about your business.

That experience you can apply to your next big idea. And every time you do that you are just one step closer to making your idea into a success.

Success is a by product of a lifetime in pursuit of generating ideas and continuously putting them into implementation.

And if you succeed or not, you walk away having learned a thing or two which you will apply to the next big idea.

So now ask yourself does it really matter if your idea didn’t stick?